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Lost & Found

Is your pet missing? After you have searched your neighborhood:

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What To Do When Your Pet Is Lost

All county shelters are now offering services 

By Appointment Only

Please call 619-767-2675 to make an appointment

Contact ALL shelters within 20 miles of where your pet was lost.

  • Call the shelter more than once. Your pet may be turned in after you last called or looked online.
  • Animals unclaimed within the three-day holding period may be made available for adoption.
    • Animals without license tags or microchips are held for three days.
    • Injured or diseased animals that are suffering may be held fewer days.
    • If we can identify the owner, pets are held for five business days before being placed with adoptable animals.
  • Place an ad in Craigslist,, local and city-wide news, social media and online outlets. Include:
    • Where the animal was lost with city and street name, closest cross streets
    • Estimated date and time the animal was lost
    • Color and markings of pet; size or weight; sex; age
    • If your pet was microchipped
    • Your phone number and/or email
    • If you’re offering a reward, state the amount
  • Check the Finding Rover App.

Learn more about creating flyers, placing ads, and more. Here are posters for your use – download the PDF, print and post: English Lost Pet Poster » | Spanish Lost Pet Poster » 



Found your pet at a County Shelter? Here’s how to bring it home:

  • Please call 619-767-2675 and speak to a representative to schedule an appointment before visiting the shelter. 
  • Bring proof of a current rabies vaccination and dog license. If you do not have current proof, your dog may receive a rabies vaccination, if a veterinarian is available, and a license before you leave the shelter.
  • If you don't have these, bring some other proof of ownership such as photos or medical records.
  • At the shelter, copy the tag number on its neck and the kennel number, then take both numbers to the front counter.

If your pet was injured we will provide life-sustaining and pain-relieving care for it, but you need to follow up with your veterinarian.

  • If your pet had medical treatment, a veterinarian or registered veterinary technician may provide additional information.
  • Be prepared to pay fees for at least some of the care including food, vaccinations, medical services, impoundment and licensing.

Bring a leash to take your dog home. For other small animals, bring a secure carrier.

  • You may buy an inexpensive leash or carrier at the shelter. We accept cash, checks, Visa or MasterCard.

Next Steps

Microchip your pet – they will never lose it. We offer low-cost microchip services. Thousands of pets have been reunited with their owners thanks to microchips.

Get a pet store dog tag. It's an inexpensive way to always have your phone number with your pet.

Download the free Finding Rover App and put your dog’s picture in their data base. This app has helped many retrieve their pet.