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Puppies (6 months & under)


Kittens (6 months & under)

Senior Animals (5 years or older)

Super Senior Animals (8 years and over)

Adoption by Senior citizen (60 years and over)

Adoption by Senior citizen (60 years and over) of a Senior Animal (5 years or older)

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Fees for exotic animals and birds will vary – please ask.

The adoption fees you pay include:

  • Required alteration of the animal or a refundable spay/neuter voucher.
  • Vaccinations and other medical services.
  • One-year license for dogs living in our service area.
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Taking Your New Pet Home

You need a leash and collar for a dog or a crate for a smaller animal to use on your trip home.

  • There are inexpensive leashes and crates you can buy at the shelter.
  • If your new pet has not been altered, we will do that before you take it home.
    • Most animals are altered while they are waiting to be adopted.
    • If we alter the dog after you select it, surgery will be scheduled typically within a day or two.
  • The pet you take home will also be microchipped.

Lost Dogs

  • You may also look on the Lost page for a pet.
  • If the owner doesn’t pick up the animal, it will be made available for adoption.
  • While an unaltered dog is on the Lost pages and waiting to be reunited with its owner, we will not alter the dog.
    • If the owner doesn’t collect the dog within the allotted time, the dog will be placed with other available animals.
    • Only then will we surgically alter the dog. 

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