You’ve decided to adopt a pet. We’re happy to hear that!
Here’s what to do next:

Visit A Shelter

Walk around your local shelter to see the available animals – not every animal in our care is online. Even if you've already selected a few animals from our website, you may find other favorites.

  • Save time: print this application, fill it out and bring it with you.
  • Bring your current pet(s): see how the animals interact.
  • Bring the family: you may be able to play with your chosen pet for 15 to 30 minutes to see if it will make a good companion.
  • Plan your time: the adoption process at the shelter can take up to two hours
  • Adoptions close at 4:30 p.m.

Another Option: Start Your Search Online

Have a look at the animals in our shelter by using the form below. Though best to visit a shelter, you may see your next pet here!

  • Make one, two or three choices: the pet you are interested in may no longer be available or have a “hold” on it. (See Hold Policy below)
  • Keep notes: be sure to write down the identifying information for animals you like.

Our Hold Policy

We accept up to two holds for each animal in the shelter.

You must come to the shelter in person to put a first or second hold on an animal.

First hold: you will be given a specific date and time to pick up the animal.
If you do not arrive during that time, the person with the second hold may adopt the animal.

Second hold: you will also be given a specific date and time to pick up the animal.
If you do not arrive during that time, we will make the animal available for others to adopt.


I found a pet I’m interested in, what do I do?

At the shelter:

  • All animals have an ID number on the front of their kennels. Bring that number to the Greeter Desk.
  • They will tell you if there are any holds on the pet you're interested in. See "Hold Policy."
  • If your choice is available, the greeter will give you an application (if needed) and instructions.

Searching online:

  • Copy the information on the individual animal's page.
  • Call us at 619-767-2675 to see if there are any holds on those animals.
  • If availble, come to the shelter and present the animal's information at the Greeter Desk. 
  • If your first choice is taken, try again or come down and look around. We have plenty of pets waiting for adoption!

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 Help your loved ones choose their own pet!
Adoption gift certificates are available at County shelters.